Credit Union Song: Theme Song for Estes Park Credit Union Conference

Words: Mrs. P. D. Holmes
Tune: The Man on the Flying Trapeze

This fellow from Boston, the home of the bean,
Has a wit and a mind that is sparkling and keen,
He works day and night, to show folks the light,
First seen by the great man--Filene!
Oh the gospel he spreads--credit unions,
Spells the doom of the dreaded loan shark,
His cause spells financial salvation,
Rekindling faith, courage, and spark!

Oh this Roy Bergengren, he's the mon ye well ken,
Inspiration for debt-ridden, worry-worn men,
Over sea, and by rail, he blazed credit's trail,
Leading the movement we hail.

There's anither, begorra, bejabbers, bedad,
So full of the blarney, it makes your heart glad,
Whin he talks credit unions, they jine by the scad,
Tim O'Shaughnessy, he's the wee lad!
With helpers assisting, inspiring,
he's the spirit behind Illinois,
In the work he is faithful, untiring,
He's a booster, this foine Irish boy!


Oh there's Doig, Brainerd, Orchard, Rentfro and Long,
Cohen and Perceival, all cohorts strong,
There's Gartland and Hyland, Skorstad and King,
And others whose praises we'd sing!
They're uniting our whole belov'ed nation,
And the Shylocks have fled to the trees,
Tho' they're here and they're there,
They're not un in the air,
Like the man on the flying trapese.


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