Statement of Purpose
Credit Union History is intended to provide a venue for both investigation into, and discussion of, the rich history of the credit union movement in the United States and internationally. As such, we're open to publishing a wide variety of materials, including reviews of the writings of important credit unionists, studies of the development of individual institutions, essays on research methods, and interesting primary sources. Though most of the material on the site at the moment is the work of the Editor, readers are strongly encouraged to submit their own original pieces. By consciously studying and discussing the lessons of our our movement's past, Credit Union History will hopefully contribute in some small way to its future successes.

About the Editor:
Matt Cropp lives in Burlington, Vermont, and completed his MA in history in 2011 at UVM, where he wrote his thesis on the establishment and development of the Vermont State Employees Credit Union from 1946 to 1973. He is interested in all aspects of the history of credit unions, but is especially fascinated by Roy F. Bergengren, the development of the "credit union idea," and the changing nature of the relationship between credit unions and the larger co-operative movement. At present, he teaches computer literacy skills, hosts the biweekly Cooperative Vermont TV show, and spends what time he can continuing to dig ever deeper into the history of cooperative finance...

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